Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Have you checked out our Nursery Stock??

We are also a great source for "Nursery Stock"!!
Looking for something unique like a 9' Pyramidal Boxwood
or how about a 12' wide,  5" cal Weeping Katsura tree .
 We have plants that will inspire you as the focal point of your next installation.
Check our "One of Kind" Availability List 

Don't forget the Natives and Wetland Plants such as this Clethra - We have that too!
Look at what we have for Native Plant Material, several of these are also Wetland Plants


Need some perennials - Variegated Solomon Seal and Echinacea are among the many options we have for you on our Nursery Stock Availability List

Next time you are here walk out back and see what is available in out pot-in-pot production area.   We are sure we have something you need. Call for Pricing.



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