Thursday, September 18, 2014

Join Us for a



Thursday, October 2nd, 2014
9:00 AM
52 Bates Street
Mendon, MA

Fall is a great time to install Porous Pave!

The weather is beautiful and things are winding down from the busy summer months.  Customers are starting to think about winter preparations.   

Now is the time to tell everyone about this slip-resistant, 
puddle-reducing, great-looking, surfacing option!

 We will teach you how to properly install Porous Pave through a short presentation and hands-on experience.  As a Certified Porous Pave Installer, you will get the benefit of discounted material prices, warranty protection, and a line of support to answer questions and send referrals your way.

Call (508)634-1914
or email to Register 
  For more information on Porous Pave please click here. (Or, you can visit the Porous Pave Inc. Product Website at for even more details).       

Sign up now! Seating is limited to 15 people per session.
(Our last session booked up almost immediately!)


 $199 for up to 3 employees
Cost for each additional employees is $25.
Alumni are welcome to attend at no charge for a refresher/update & networking!

A group of Certified Installers practices mixing the Porous Pave material on site.  Everyone was amazed at how light-weight the material actually is.  This particular group built a Porous Pave step outside of one of the buildings here at the nursery.  The hands-on portion of the training is integral to understanding this revolutionary material.

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