Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Future Projects for Porous Pave

How are you going to get your "Hands On" Experience at one of our next Porous Pave Classes? 

The pictures below are three problem areas that we have hand picked at the nursery to demonstrate the benefits of Porous Pave and the ease of installation.

 The slope on this driveway has caused slip problems for years.  At one of our next trainings, we will be doing an over pour to demonstrate how Porous Pave is the perfect material to use in this situation.  There is no need to rip up the whole driveway!  See how Porous Pave can be versatile and affordable.  Sign up so you don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity.
The picture below shows the current appearance of our main office entrance.  The Porous Pave that sits there now is a temporary mat created at one of our other class sessions.  What we will be doing for a "hands on" at one of the next Porous Pave Classes is creating a permanent Porous Pave section to reduce slip and fall hazards. 
The most challenging of the "Hands on" projects that we will be doing this fall is a full repair of these steps shown below.  These steps become an ice dam in the winter.  We are going to use Porous Pave to demonstrate how it can be applied vertically, as well as to prove that ice and snow will melt through the material and greatly reduce cleanup and slip hazards.

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