Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring 2015 Updates for Porous Pave

Now Available:

275 Gallon Totes of Binder – Delivered right to your work site.  Do you have a big job coming up?  Porous pave is now offering a bulk sized tote of binder that can be delivered right to your work site.  A convenient spout allows you to fill your 5 quart bucket with ease and less mess.  This has to be special ordered and is not kept in inventory.  Please be sure to give yourself plenty of lead time to get the supplies to your site in a timely manner!

Roofing Panels – Many of our Green Roofers will be happy to know that Porous Pave now offers roofing panels, sold in squares.  The benefits to these panels are ease of removal in the off chance that there is a leak somewhere on the roof. Instead of having to cut into a poured application Porous Pave, Green Roof installers only need to lift the panels to check for issues below.


New Tips:

Use electrical pipes instead of wood boards on screed applications.  Electrical piping cleans easier and has a more exact measurement.  Wood creates splinters, absorbs the vegetable oil used to prevent sticking and also may need to be cut to be an exact measurement. 

Use GREEN Palmolive and water to coat your hand and bull floats.  We are finding that the chemicals in Green Palmolive (Original) have the same non-stick properties of vegetable oil.  Furthermore, the water mixed with the soap encourages Porous Pave to cure properly and quickly.  You get a faster completion period and less sloughing over time.  It is important to still use vegetable oil to coat all other tools, as you do not want to introduce H2O moisture into the mixing process.


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