Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lifegard LED Light Stream

Lifegard LED Stream Fountain

Fourth Generation Nursery is a proud supplier of

Lifeguard Aquatics’ LED Stream Fountain.

We also now have a “Remote” model. 

(Remote controls light, not water stream)

The Lifegard Stream Fountain is a beautiful color changing LED Light Stream that adds beauty, fun and enjoyment to any Water Feature, Pond, Fountain or Pool. You can also recirculate from a hidden reservoir.

Important Installation Notes:

1.  Lifegard Stream fountain should be used in a clean water environment.  There is a filter, but it is difficult to clean.  If the water is dirty, you can use a pre-filter to keep the water flow smooth.
2.  The pump flow must be a minimum of 580 gph to a maximum of 951 gph. (4-6 PSI)
3.  Arch is important.  The maximum length of the arch is 12 feet for best light flow and to avoid splashing.    Also, consider the height for maximum performance.

1 comment:

  1. Lifegard will HAVE to be a part of my next water feature! Can't wait to try it!