Friday, January 10, 2014

Fourth Generation Nursery Welcomes Jessica Murphy

With great pleasure, we introduce you to Jessica Murphy – the newest member of our team.  Jess actually started here in the ‘90’s when she was a student at Norfolk County Agricultural High School (Environmental Studies).  She is no stranger to Water Gardening and Aquatic Plants after working here through High School, College and a few summers thereafter. 

Aspiring to be an Environmental Educator, Jessica got her Bachelor’s degree from Framingham State and a Master of Education degree from Lesley University.   Despite her interest in water lilies, she left in 2004 to start a family and to focus on her teaching career.  Now, a decade later the children have grown and ….

Her dedicated work history and passion for educating people about environmental conservation and preservation made her a perfect fit for our expanded efforts in water management.  Jessica and Fourth Generation Nursery share a love for plants, water gardens, wildlife habitats and the environment and we share the belief that we need to safeguard and protect them.  She will be using her teaching expertise to help us to present some of the many new programs and insights (Like the EPA’s “Save the Rain” program) that are impacting our industry and to inform our clientele about the many new tools to responsibly enjoy “Water in the Landscape”!

Welcome back Jessica!

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