Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feed Back from 2010 Contractors Pond Tour

Did you miss our Contractors Pond Tour and Training Day??  This was a first time event for us but a definite one to be repeated. We know that no matter what date we choose there will be those that can't make it.

And in anticipation of having many of our contractors coming to the nursery we decided it was time to redo the entrance to the nursery. Like many of your customers we unable to fully agree on just how strong a waterfall we should have. Or for that matter what other water features we should display. The Pond Free slide show below shows the new installation that actually makes all of us happy.

With 2 pumps we can easily achieve 3 different flow rates for the waterfall. If you look closely you will also see 3 separate places where different water features such as a statue or bubbling rock can easily be installed - and they are all pre-plumbed and ready to go. There is a hidden valve box which will allow us to direct the flow from one of the pumps to each or all of these different points.

It has come to my attention that the slide shows we posted of this installation are no longer available.  I will be working to correct this and will update this post soon. Ginger 10/8/12

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