Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nursery Stock Availability

Yes we also have Nursery Stock Available!!

Red Japanese Maple - Over 8' Across
As I looked out the back window of the barn I saw the most amazing Red Jap Maple and wondered how it could possibly still be here. Simple answer is most people think of us for Aquatic Plants, yet we also have several different areas devoted to terrestrial plants. Many people never make it out to our pot-in-pot area where there is a large selection of plants ready to go. One of the most popular at this time of year being the ornamental grasses.
Ornamental Grasses 7-10 gal

Just to peak your curiosity we will often place a few specimen plants near the entrance. Most recently we have had this beautiful Yak Rhododendron near the corner.

Rhod. Mist Maiden 38"H x  54"W x  72"D                                                                                                      
Our complete nursery price list is over 7 pages - and that doesn't include the hosta!!!

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