Friday, March 1, 2013

Fourth Genration Nursery February Newsletter


News From
Fourth Generation Nursery
February 2013
March is full of opportunities
to expand your business.
     Call today and reserve your spot.         


      Contractors Training Day


Increase sales by being knowledgeable in more areas
We will be covering the following:
  • The Natural "Multi-Pond" - Trevor Smith
  • Rainwater Harvesting and Small Scale EPIC usage - Rip Sokol
  • IlluminFX - Lighting - A J Hetzke
  • Promoting Yourself - Dee Dice
Tuesday, March 12th 9am - 4pm
Cost is $49.50 for 1/ $79.50 for 2 or $100 for 3
Includes Lunch

    Porous Pave Installer Certification     


Alumni always welcome for a refresher - but please sign up.
  • Pick one day and bring up to 3 people for only $199
  • Product warranty is available to certified installers
  • Certified installers get best price and local referrals
  • Price includes Manual, Samples, Brochures, & Long Sleave Tees
Friday, March 8th - Jim Daulerio
Wednesday, March 13th - Rip Sokol
Thursday, March 28th - Jim Daulerio
Time: 9am - noon

Garden Center Staff Training Workshop


Equip your staff with the knowledge to sell more.
We will be covering the following:
  • Aeration for both Ponds and Lakes - Rick Weidman
  • Rainwater Harvesting and Irrigation - Demi Fortuna
  • Ecological Watter Management Opportunities - Jim Daulerio
  • Aquatic Plants -Rip Sokol
Wednesday, March 27th 9am - 4pm
Cost is $49.50 for 1/ $79.50 for 2 or $100 for 3
Includes Lunch

Ripples from Rip
The winter trade shows have been positively exciting so far. Lots of old faces and some new ones too! The networking
is always rewarding, even if it's commiserating about the snow, or the lack thereof. For some
thoughts on new products and new trends, check out the article I wrote for the ELA Newsletter at
The attitude of contractors and retailers all seem to be on the positive side. And some were downright enthusiastic but most agreed that we need to go about marketing, designing and selling in a different way to be successful. Our training sessions will facilitate that changeover and I'm looking forward to the networking as we bat around new ideas. We used to call them "bull" sessions, but we won't be dishin' out any Bull!

We're proud of our selection of speakers and their topics - check out the agenda and sign up soon. All you need is one good idea to make it a profitable day and we promise there will be plenty of ideas. Bring your questions too - check out our new "mini-catalog" on Environmental Water Management Solutions - lots of new "toys" there and they tie right in to today's headlines.

Hope to see you soon.

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